Memory Foam Mattress Custom Sizes Explained with Prices

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep and it should not cost you your arms and legs. So, using a mattress that is great on quality yet affordable can be the new catch.

Yes, we are talking about memory foam mattresses.

Have you started looking for custom-made memory foam mattresses yet? What actually makes them great is the pressure relieving feature. The memory foam mattresses aren’t similar in any way to the old-fashioned or traditional mattresses with springs that are used to push your body with a more or equal force which means the different pressure points are not evitable. Whereas, the memory foam distributes the body weight evenly throughout hence, reducing pressure.

Memory foam mattresses also give you a feel of cloud-like medium-level support. This means, that it can be chosen by a wide range of sleepers.

If you feel disturbed when your bed partner rolls over, let this worry go. Memory foam will let you and your bed partner sleep guilt-free as the mattress will isolate any kind of movement on it. Nowadays, many memory foam mattresses are made with two layers- a firm or supportive layer at the base and a cushion-like layer at the top of the mattress. This will even help to absorb the movement shocks while you and your partner are sleeping.

A custom-size memory foam mattress can be made in the exact length, width, and height that you require. Even the corners of the mattresses can be customized by cutting the corners to round, notched corners, cut corners, and many more.


If you or you and your bed partner are over the weight of 80 kg, then you as a sleeper will require a mattress with a thickness of around 20.32cm or 8 inches.

If both the weight of the sleepers are under 80kg and if the weight of one of the sleepers is somewhere between 60 to 80 kg, you will require a memory foam mattress of thickness around 15.24 cm or 6 inches.

If both of the sleeper’s weight is lesser than sixty kilograms, you will require a memory foam mattress with a thickness of 12.7 cm or 5 inches.

These mattresses are lightweight and available in various grades in terms of firmness as well starting from soft to hard. Recommended for ideal comfort you can custom the size as well as layer your mattress with 2 to 4 inches of snug and soft foam at the top and 3 to 4 inches of comparatively harder or firm foam at the bottom.

Choose the shape and size of the memory foam mattress by altering the length, breadth, and edges of the mattress according to the size of your bed.

Note: The dimension of the memory foam mattress might ideally be 1.80m/ 76cm/ 15cm. These specifications along with the quality might cost you around 1800 US Dollars to 2500 US Dollars.

Every entry-level memory foam mattresses might start from an amount of 135 US Dollars and it can increase along with the increase in the features of the mattress like the size and shape of the mattress.

The completely customized mid-level memory foam quality mattresses might cost you around 230 US Dollars to 760 US Dollars. These mattresses should contain a double-sided spring system for better pressure distribution.

The premium-level memory foam quality mattresses must have both-sided padding for durability, support, and comfort. These mattresses might cost around 1800 US Dollars to 2500 US Dollars and plus.


There are plenty of designs that can be made through the mattresses by altering their sizes according to the type of beds. A few of them are:

RV memory foam mattresses, boat mattresses, rope bed or antique bed mattresses, bed, semi-truck beds, platform beds, hospital beds, murphy beds, sofa beds, futons, bunk beds, horse trailer, Texas king, round mattresses, Alaskan king, van beds, Wyoming king, European size, family beds, oversized beds, and custom-size mattresses for your window nook or bay window.


These custom-sized memory foam mattresses are the best suited for:

* Couples have a difference in their preference for firmness.
* People who have a tendency of sleeping close to their bed mattresses’ edges.
* Hot sleepers.
* People who toss and turn during their sleep.
* Customers who are searching for end-to-end customization.
* Anyone who requires a custom mattress that is comfortable as well within short notice.
* Customers who have a preference for a specific type such as innerspring (this is less likely to be customized).
* Sleepers who belong to every category of weights.
* Customers who have the only requirement of the customizable size of the mattress.
* Shoppers who are interested to look out for a mid-profile mattress.


Most people nowadays are turning to custom-sized memory foam mattresses so that they can fit them in their preferred design and size of the bed. Customization of shape can be quite tricky but they can vary widely on the basis of angled or beveled corners, boat beds, geometrically shaped beds, and many more.

The primary reason to invest in a custom memory foam mattress is pressure relief. Your bed’s performance is most impacted by the choice of your mattress material. Custom memory foam mattresses can relieve the pressure that you might get from sleeping on the side or on your stomach due to the one-sided and scarcely built low-quality springs. Uncomfortable and weirdly distributed pressure points can make you go through post-sleeping long-term pains, stiffness, and body aches.

Custom-sized memory foam mattresses will also provide you with a sleeper with edge support. If you try to sit on the edge of a poorly built mattress, you might feel it sag and this might cause you to slide out of the bed while sleeping, especially if you are a sleeper who likes to sleep on the edge.

Memory foam custom-size mattresses will hug your body like perfect contouring. It is your personal preference on how much your mattress should offer contouring.

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