Mattress Brands for Pop-up Campers and Trailers

Nothing is more enjoyable than packing up your loved ones or family and traveling in a recreational vehicle when you have the travel bug. Kitchens, baths, and even bedrooms are all included. But even a mobile bedroom would be useless without a mattress. We’ve chosen our top mattresses for RVs—in both RV and conventional bedroom sizes—to help you sleep while you’re on the road. There are good firms out there, even though there isn’t a single best replacement mattress for pop-up campers. The ones we advise are listed below:

The Best Mattresses Brands for Pop-up Campers and Trailers

1. Brooklyn Wanderlust

It’s reasonable to presume that the Brooklyn Wanderlust mattress would be ideal for RV camping, given its ‘Wanderlust’ moniker. The Wanderlust should accommodate a wide range of RV layouts thanks to its selection of RV Bunk, RV King, and Short Queen sizes. The fact that you may choose from five various thickness levels ranging from 6 to 14 inches adds to the customizing features. Customization choices are fantastic for RV beds since they allow you to pick a mattress that precisely satisfies your family’s needs for the best possible rest while traveling.

2. Sleep Revolution

It is an excellent option if you’re searching for a portable, enjoyable sleeping aid. This mattress fits most portable bed frames even though it was designed primarily for a camper trailer or motor home. The mattress utilizes a unique technology that makes it easy to wrap, compress, and transport easily. To relieve pressure and encourage airflow, the mattress does feature a layer of pressure relief foam with portions of highly concentrated and vented foam.

It’s also important to point out that the mattress has a layer of high-density memory foam that adapts to the demands and preferences of specific users and is further infused with green tea extract to eliminate any odors naturally. Its 5-inch high-density foam foundation for support does provide pressure relief in crucial locations, including the hips, foot, and head as well as shoulders.

3. Linenspa

A fantastic supplier of high-quality materials at a reasonable price is Linenspa. They have a wide selection of mattresses, whether you need one for a pop-up camper in your RV or a bed at home. The highlighted 5-inch gel memory foam mattress is excellent for camping, RVs, and even children’s beds at home. They are compressed when delivered and don’t weigh more than 28 pounds. It is made out of a layer of high-density foam mixed with gel. The dual offers fantastic back support and pressure point relief. It makes a perfect replacement for the mattress in your kids’ bunk beds or single beds. With a warranty that lasts for ten years, it is undoubtedly an excellent investment. Comfort and exceptional value are equal to solid quality and lifetime use.

4. Dynasty mattress

A reasonably priced all-foam type with a well-balanced medium-firm feel is the Dynasty CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam. The result is a mattress that provides support while cushioning and body contouring. If you typically sleep overheated on memory foam beds, the mattress’s cooling gel infusion makes it a fantastic choice. The high-density polyfoam support core and memory foam comfort layer make up the dual-layer memory foam.

Given the medium firmness of the mattress, users up to 230 pounds experienced even contouring and minimal sinkage. The bed is covered in a cotton-polyester material and is 10 inches thick. The Memory Foam mattress comes in short twin, full, queen, and king sizes in addition to regular mattress dimensions. The mid-range profile should work with your RV sleep area as long as there is room between your bed and the vehicle’s ceiling.

5. Intex

The Intex pop-up camper mattress is a great choice when looking for an affordable mattress. The flocked surface of this mattress makes it cozy. Additionally, an electric pump that is already there makes inflation quick and straightforward. This mattress also comes with a travel bag, a repair kit, and a manual. There are twin and queen sizes of this mattress. The queen-size pop-up camper mattress is eight inches thick, compared to the twin size’s six inches. The weight restriction for the Intex pop-up camp mattress is 300 pounds.

6. East Hampton

With a full 10-year warranty, it fits many pop-up campers well at 4.5″ height. Reviewers particularly laud the gel memory foam’s ability to regulate temperature and its excellent pressure point relief and added support. As a bonus, you can choose whichever side you prefer because one is a little stiffer than the other. Oh, and it can be built in whatever size or shape you desire and is entirely made in the United States.

7. Helix Midnight

The Helix Midnight could be an excellent addition to an RV couple’s sleeping arrangements if they want to sleep peacefully while traveling. In testing by Mattress Advisor, Helix’s most popular model receives a 9/10 rating for motion transfer, a vital sign of a superb mattress for couples. You and your companion won’t be disturbed by movements that ripple across the surface of a mattress that isolates motion properly. The Helix Midnight is a fantastic option for persons with back discomfort due to its outstanding performance in pressure relief and spine alignment. The one thing that might be a deal breaker is that this mattress isn’t offered in RV sizes.

8. Tochta

Tochta is a company that manufactures beds in any unique size or shape that you desire. Even though you purchase a bespoke size, it’s relatively inexpensive. We also adore Tochta’s comfort (Kelly’s longtime favorite mattress is the Utopia). Almost any dimension or thickness required can be ordered. Pop-up campers typically don’t have slanted corners, but you can have your corner(s) angled if you prefer to keep things in them. Alternately, you might use a knife to compromise on any foam mattress.

9 DreamCloud Original

If you and your partner intend to go RV camping together, you will require a mattress big enough to fit both of you. The hybrid DreamCloud Original has some excellent benefits for couples. The medium firmness of DreamCloud provides a more accommodating sensation that ought to satisfy both partners. The mattress also has cooling components that should prevent you from overheating. These characteristics include the memory foam’s cooling gel, airflow from the coils, and a soft cashmere-blend cover.


The critical consideration whenever researching mattresses is comfort. After a long day, you undoubtedly need a place to rest down for your RV or pop-up camper. The degree of comfort here is crucial. Determining the thickness, quality, and material of a replacement or topper for your pop-up camper is therefore essential. According to estimates, a thicker mattress will provide greater comfort. It can be taken into account while buying a new mattress. The foam’s thickness determines the comfort, and the thicker the foam, the longer it will take to lose its hardness.

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