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Esteem Plush The Economy Mattress Set for a comfortable, good nights sleep. It is made of 3/4" super soft foam and features 336 coils, 7/8" chase padding, and 3/8" foam padding to offer you a contouring plush feel. The sturdy wood foundation of this comfort top mattress makes it comfortable and durable as well. This hypoallergenic mattress set includes a sturdy box spring.

  • Luxury Pillow Top for more than half the price
  • College students favorite
  • On a scale of 1-10, 10 being hard, this bed feels like a 4. If you like a contouring plush feel, you will enjoy sleeping on this mattress.
  • Designed and manufactured with the customer in mind!
  • Made in the USA, this mattress provides incredible value while embracing the best technology on mattress design and our knowledge in providing you with the sleep experience you deserve.
  • Compared to any other brand, you are sure to get at least 20% more mattress for over 20% less.
  • Perfect solution for any room in the house!
  • Take advantage of our years of experience. We designed this mattress to be both comfortable and durable and an exceptional value!
  • 336 Coils, 13 Gauge, 10'' Thick, 7/8'' Chase Padding, 3/8'' Foam Padding, 3/4'' Super Soft Foam, Wood Foundation
  • Includes a box spring.
  • Corresponding mattress name may vary by region.